Girl, We Couldnt Get Much Higher: NYLON Feb 2016

You know that it would be untrue

You know that I would  a liar

If I was to say to you

That hair couldnt much higher.

NYLON-FEBRUARY-2016-ANDRITA-RENEE-ANNELISE.jpgOk, Ok sue me. Had to do it. You should know by now that I missed my calling as a supreme lyricist. Instead, Im a hair twirler who inserts music into every possible aspect of my life. Here, we have an editorial I did for this month’s issue of NYLON featuring an all pink suit story on a red headed hottie.

Anne Lise is perfect. Period. She’s French. I meeeean…, duh. Her hair would make the bitch from Brave jealous. She does amazing artwork and she has a great sense of humor. I just cant. So I wont.

ANDRITA-RENEE-NYLON-FEBRUARY-2016-ANNELISE-2.jpgGianpaulo was on the makeup beat and I always love working with him because he reminds me of all the chic and fabulous things that I will never be in life. J. Errico was styling which meant that there was a lot things I wanted to try on but I was wise enough to keep my mouth shut. Jimmy Fontaine shot the story and he works swift and smoothe, which is my favorite combo in life. Miss Pop was on nail duty and you know how much I love that one. I can never have too much Pop in my life.

ANDRITA-RENEE-NYLON-FEBRUARY-2016-ANNELISE-3.jpgANDRITA-RENEE-NYLON-FEBRUARY-2016-ANNELISE-4.jpgANDRITA-RENEE-NYLON-FEBRUARY-2016-ANNELISE.jpgAnne’s hair has a brain of its own, with lots of different textures throughout it. I had options: make it all one beautiful curl casserole or keep it funky. So, really, had no options. I’mma always opt to keep it funky. I kept the majority of what she had going on and upped some of the curls around the hairline and back then picked it all out.

et voila.

Music Inspo:

Light My Fire, The Doors


NYFW FW16: Let Tell A Lil Story ‘Bout This Side

New York Fashion Week is finally over. 

This was my best one yet but I am happy its over. 

Sleep deprivation, slight frost bite, major body pain, extreme anxiety and nothing to wear. That’s been my first world life for the past week. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I kinda knew my NYFW was gonna be lit when I got the call to work with Guido. For Yeezy. At Madison Square Garden. I was referred for the gig by a hair stylist whom I’ve admired for years. It was really dope that he reached back for me when he had the opportunity. So my first show of the season was with a hair god and a rap god.

This was my first time at Madison Square Garden so I was stoked about that alone. Then Kanye was scheduled to play the new album at the show so I was excited to see what he had up his sleeve. I just knew it was gonna be a live performance. I mean, why else stage a fashion show at a concert venue? Dont steal my shit but back when I thought I’d be a fashion designer I always said my shows would be at concert venues and have live performances. Fuck you, Ye. Dream crusher.

ANDRITA-RENEE-NYFW-FW16-YEEZY3.jpgAnywho, the looks were simple (a tight wig wrap topped with a wig cap) so I wasn’t sweating my balls off trying to keep up. OOOOOOHHH! And the best part was that my boo, Maria Ortega, was on the makeup team!! So we got to experience this epicness together. I stayed for the show and I loved the album. I got to see quite a few celebs and have a very strange encounter with Busta Rhymes.

Next, my Valentine’s Day was also lit with love. I started off doing Hood By Air with Amy Farid for Bumble and Bumble. This is my favorite show every season. I’m always floored by what these kids come up with and how innovative the collections are. And then, Amy kills with the hair concepts. I really do not know where her brain comes from but she slays every single time. This year we did these pilgrim/ Abe Lincoln looks with buckles and teased curly bouffants sealed in saran wrap. I lived.ANDRITA-RENEE-NYFW-FW16-HOODBYAIR.jpg

The same day, I jetted down to Milk Studio’s MADE Fashion Week to key my first fucking show. Can we just hit the pause button for a moment? Like, this is a major key alert. I was the key hair artist for Feng Chen Wang’s FW16 show! I even got Kevin Murphy to sponsor my team. Me. This goofy girl from Detroit. Yah. And on my team were my real life loves Malcolm Cuthbert, Kyle Luu and Maria Ortega. It was a blast. It was styled by Ronnie Hart, whom I’ve waxed poetic about plenty o time (curses that I havent figured out how to import all those old posts yet). Like, I just want to wallow in this moment for a while longer.

ANDRITA-RENEE-NYFW-FENGCHENWANG-1ANDRITA-RENEE-NYFW-FENGCHENWANG-2Last minute, I got booked for a 6am call time with Odile Gilbert. You know she is the best in my book. I for fuck sure did not want to get up at 4 am but I definitely wasn’t turning down this opportunity. So I did The Row with her and her team. I met a guy named Mikey from LA whom I fell in hair love with.

ANDRITA-RENEE-NYFW-THEROW-FW16The look was product-less which was perfect seeing how I’d had to pack a shitload of Bumble and Bumble product for my next gig- Thom Browne. 


The hair look at Thom Browne was a super flat slick doobie with brokenness at the front. I was actually quite stoked about this one because I had never done this technique with so much product before. I mean, Im black, so obviously I’ve had a ton of experience wrapping my own hair in the past but it was different doing it on these girls. I used up pretty much all of my Thickening Spray so I hope someone at Bumble sends me another bottle. I got to see Lucas, Evanie, Frankie and Felicia for the first time this fashion week so that was cute too. Plus, Thom Browne’s catering situation backstage is usually bomb in comparison to the other shows that only feed you coffee and water. The models on this show seemed to be the most chill of all which I loved because I got to chill with my Detroit hair homie Ro most of the time to offset my sleep deprivation.

Lastly, to close out NYFW, I worked with Odile again for Rodarte. This is high fashion, heaux. I showed up ready to put my foot in the ass of some hair. Of course I get there and its super effortless whimsical flowy hair. I wasnt mad though because Odile still made it beautiful. And Schwarzkopf sponsored it so I left with a ton of product FOR ME. Hahahaha! I love Schwarzkopf over all other brands for my own hair and hair like it. So this stuff isnt for my kit. Its for me. I kind of think Im gonna go ahead and color my hair right now just for the fuck of it because I know I have some good shit to care for it afterwords.

ANDRITA-RENEE-NYFW-RODARTE-FW16Ok. But thats all. Im so blessed I cant even. Im just like….Dude. I’ve been borderline depressed during fashion weeks of the past for not being able to work anything cool. And here I am doing the coolest shit ever this season. No shade, those Marc Jacobs waves were FLAME and I was asked to do that but Im not nice with the wave game and I didnt want to play myself like that. Plus Lady Gaga walked the show and my friend did her hair. I wouldve been NO GOOD. You know she’s my best friend in my head. I wouldve shat myself.

Ok, bye boo. 

Music Inspo:

Oh My Dis Side, Travis Scott

2 Of U: How to Get BOGO BlowOuts Forever ft. Amika



aka the latest edition of how Amika is making it hard out here for a (hair) pimp.

So the girls at Amika came up with this style extending spray called The Shield and I recently got my hands on a can of it. At first I was all, great this is like Stride gum for blow outs. Not that I have sooo many blowout clients but I speak on behalf of the hairstylist nation when I say “SPIT IT OUT ALREADY!!!”. Just kidding. Its late. My insomniac humor borders cheesy as fuck. But back to the point.

‘The Shield’ is letting the kids go a bit longer between blowouts. We should all be thankful really. Or at least our biceps should be. The Shield is, in my head, a peculiar mix of a dry shampoo and holding spray. This could TOTALLY be wrong, but thats the only way I could make myself understand how it did what it did. Liiiike, you can totes get two…well, one and a half MOST DEF, blowouts using this stuff!

ANDRITA-RENEE-NYC-HAIRSTYLIST-BLOG-AMIKA-04 I put The Shield to werrrk on Sydney  recently while shooting with Melina Tavares and Maria Ortega. Sydney’s hair was pretty clean and had a bit of body. I intentionally did the least amount of leg work necessary to really test this 2 for 1 theory. So this is how it all went down.


First, I sprayed The Shield sparsely throughout the roots of Sydney’s hair.  I figured that would soak up any oil that may have thought it stood a chance. I, personally, like to dry in hair products so I took my baby blower and hit the scalp a little too. But this is just frou frou fashion shit. You can skip it, I suppose. I then prepared large sections of hair by spraying VERY LIGHTLY through the ends of the hair before the next step.

ANDRITA-RENEE-NYC-HAIRSTYLIST-BLOG-AMIKA-05 Next, I took an iron (I used my Amika flat iron but a wand works too) and wrapped large panels of hair around it in alternating swift movements. Its important to keep whatever hot tool you choose moving up and down the hair. This kills stupid curls or ringlets from forming and instead allow for more of a wave/body.

ANDRITA-RENEE-NYC-HAIRSTYLIST-BLOG-AMIKA-06 At the very end, I just ran my fingers through Sydney’s hair and let her toss it about. The holding agent in The Shield helped with definition and texture. And from there I was sold!


Music Inspo:

2 of U, Danity Kane


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i fell asleep beneathe the flowers: Oyster Magazine Gucci story Shot 2016-01-21 at 12.08.26, the weather outside is finally frightful. And this shoot was only done, like, last month. ‘Twas a cold day but the way we put our thang down, flipped it and reversed it…


I was happy to get some new work out for Oyster magazine this week. I did this one with photographer boo Amber Mahoney. She’s so fucking fetch. This editorial was giving us full on Gucci shows. I kept the model Allie’s hair in a really brushable state with a drop of added texture. A tuck behind the ear here and there kept the looks natural and subdued.

On this shoot we randomly saw this gorgeous old school whip and of course everyone wanted to take pictures with it. Of course, also, the owner of the vehicle happened to catch us. Normally, this kind of thing gives me anxiety. I’m like preparing for this authentic 80’s punk Brooklynite dude to rip us new assholes. He didn’t. He was flattered. I was in love. With his wardrobe. And his accent. He let all six of  us girls take snaps of him and his car until we grew tired.

Brooklyn is so good.

Music Inspiration:

Daydreaming, Lupe Fiasco

Portrait of Cassandra McLennon


Since appaently Black Girl Magic is the new wave (I personally believe Black girls have always been quite magical), I felt it was good way to get back into my blogging groove with this beauty. I was brought on a job to do hair for personal portraits of Cassandra McLennon, lingerie designer and dark queen and I fell in love with her badassness.
For her look, I gave her blueblack stupid long hair some very sultry curls with a little volume. It was glorious.  You guys know how much I love obnoxious hair. So did the photographer, Taylor Horne. He was a little dark prince himself. Being around people who really appreciate the beauty of darkness was definitely refreshing. Punk and goth inspirations surrounded us at Taylor’s studio. But he did humor us with some hilarious Kardashion clips during the shoot prep. Pretty well rounded vibe, I’d say.
Back to Cassandra though. She’s the girl boss behind the naughty and not so nice lingerie line, Lasegue Falret. If you’re into black, bondage or booty you need to check it out. All of the pieces are made by hand by Cassandra, Support your local girl gang. Now would be a great time to show you some of her pieces right? Well, Im not. Yet. But I have some ideas. So be warned. And in the meantime, check it out at
Music Inspo;
Streets on Fire, Lupe Fiasco

Put on the Red Light: Tinashe for NYLON December 2015


Its reallyfuckingweird to be chilling with your friends listening to an artist and then working with them shortly after. Right? This is totally not normal, right?

Well. It happened to me recently. My fashion guru Kyle Luu had me checking out Tinashe’s catalogue one minute during a chill sesh and the next minute I was booked to do her hair for an editorial for Nylon.  Also note, Kyle later got booked to style her for another dope mag. Trippy.

So I was nervous about the gig as I always am but I was more nervous about working with the stylist on the job actually. Shiona Turini is this cool fashion girl that I’d been following on IG forever because I loved her style. I had also heard from people that she wasn’t so nice, hence the apprehension. Dude, she was mad chill. Thats why I find it quite silly to judge someone based on another persons experience with them. But we’re all human here, ya know?

nylon-december-2015-tinashe-andrita-renee-01nylon-december-2015-tinashe-andrita-renee-03On this shoot I also worked with Angel Williams who is another major manicurist that I love. We talked textured hair extensions for like the entirety of the shoot. She later got her some and they looked fab. Olivia Bee shot Tinashe at Acme Studios in BK. If you don’t remember anything else I say here, remember that you need to visit Acme Studios at some point. Its a magical, creepy, intriguing place to be. I met makeup artist Gianpaolo Ceciliato for the first time on this shoot. He also worked on the Paper magazine #Horror shoot I posted recently too. He is a dream times ten. So so chic and sweet.

The team wanted to give Tinashe a laid back glam look so I straightened her wavy tresses with my Corioliss K2 Iron (that I am still so obsessed with) and loaded up bae with Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. Simple shit. I loved the way Olivia shot her and am really happy to have been a part of this one.

nylon-december-2015-tinashe-andrita-renee-04Music Inspo:

Roxanne,  The Police

Les Fleurs: ‘Broken Flowers’ editorial for NYLON Dec 2015

If you dare put me, Lindsey Williams and Miss Pop all on the same damn job I cannot guarantee any real work will be done.

Just kidding. But I love working with these girls. I never laugh as hard or as often as I do on the job as I do when Im with Miss Pop. And Lindsey is like the human equivalent of Hello Kitty- just cute and sweet for no fuckin reason. Both girls have lots of sass, which I love and they both love me, which I also love. I’m sure I just shat all over the rules of punctuation there but its my blog and I’ll incorrectly punctuate if I wanna.

nylon-december-2015-andrita-renee-eric-t-white-01Ok. Let me focus here.


The three of us trekked to ‘Where-the-fuck’ Brooklyn to shoot Gus Birney with Eric White for Nylon’s December issue. Eric’s studio was pretty cool. But I also happen to have a weird studio fetish. Like, I’d totes illegally live in one. But only if I were a man and didn’t require a real legit bathroom. Totally unrelated. Sorry.

nylon-december-2015-andrita-renee-eric-t-white-03nylon-december-2015-andrita-renee-eric-t-white-02nylon-december-2015-andrita-renee-eric-t-white-04Liz Rundbaken brought loads of Chanel goodies and more for this flora themed shoot. I went for a slightly coked out grunge prep princess vibe with the hair. Love platinum blondes. Why blonde and cocaine go hand in hand in my mind is probably another reason I need to see a therapist. Halfway through the looks I thought Gus was looking more Blair Waldorf than Courtney Love so I pulled her hair up for variation. Dude. Out of nowhere she morphed into Gwen Stefani. Like dead ringer. I lived. So happy with this one!

Music Inspo:

Les Fleurs, Minnie Riperton